Picture of a woman with EarPlanes earplugs in her ear looking off into the distance.

The World's Best EarPlugs

Image of EarPlanes Adult and Small Ears/Children product packaging standing upright on a flat surface with a pair of EarPlanes earplugs inside the reusable plastic container that comes with the product.

In-Flight Ear Pain Relief

The original pressure filtering earplug available for both adults and children

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A Natural Preventative

WeatherX helps prevent migraine symptoms before they start. Receive alerts on your phone ahead of a change in pressure with the free WeatherX app. Available for iOS & Android devices.

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Smart phone on a purple surface with the homescreen visible of the WeatherX mobile app. Next to the phone is a pair of WeatherX earplugs.
A rectangular array of 16 earplug packages including EarPlanes and WeatherX packages. Product is lying on a flat surface taken from a 45 degree angle.

Trusted for over 20 years

Cirrus Healthcare Products has become a trusted leader in ear care solutions for the following concerns: In-Flight, Noise Reduction, & Swimmer's Ear.