A complete, proactive, and drug-free solution that’s clinically proven to control weather-related ear pressure build up, that causes over 78% of all migraines.

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of all migraines are caused by a change in weather?



Barometric Pressure & Ear Pressure

A drop of as little as 0.20 millibars can greatly affect the pressure in the external ear canal adjacent to the ear drum.

Ear Pressure & Migraines

Migraine-related discomfort is caused by blockage and/or swelling of the Eustachian tube(s) which more than often, can be a direct result of this change of pressure.

Knowing when barometric pressure is going to change, is key.

(But, not everyone is a meteorologist.)

We’ve built an app, so you can take action.

The MigraineX app alerts you when a change in pressure is coming.

And, it's free to download.

Simply put in MigraineX earplugs ahead of changing weather.

Wearing MigraineX earplugs will prevent the pressure build up in the ears that leads to migraine.

So you can manage your migraine worries away, and go about your day, pain-free.

(Guaranteed or your money back.)

MigraineX Earplugs

Controlling barometric pressure changes that trigger migraines.

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MigraineX App

Tells you when weather change could bring on a migraine.


7 days in advance of possible migraine attacks 24 hours in advance of likely migraine attacks