Welcome to Our New Site!

by Grant OConnell

Thanks for stopping by!

Here at Cirrus Healthcare Products, we wanted to step forward with a completely rebooted website with the hope that it will become a resource for all of you ear-related pain questions.

In addition to our flagship product, EarPlanes, we are excited to introduce MigraineX. In conjunction with the MigraineX App, our hope is to provide sufferers with the means to reduce the duration of their migraine symptoms.

Using the alert notification through the app, migraine sufferers will be informed when barometric pressure shifts will occur. By staying ahead of the curve, the sufferer can prepare for the shift in weather by placing in their MigraineX ear plugs.

It is important to place the ear plugs in ahead of the pressure shift for one big reason! When the pressure change does arrive, the sufferer's inner ear will experience a slower and more gradual change in pressure - rather than leaving it up to Mother Nature!

The filter within the MigraineX earplug is similar to that of the Best-Selling EarPlanes, but it has one primary difference. The filter found within MigraineX is calibrated to be more sensitive for shifts in pressure on ground level; whereas the filter within EarPlanes is engineered to withstand big shifts in altitude that come with take-off and landing in an airplane.

We hope you are excited as we are to be able to potentially provide relief to the 37 million migraine sufferers that are across the U.S. With MigraineX, there will be more time for you.

Thank You,

The Cirrus Team