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At Cirrus Healthcare, we have been making barometric pressure regulating earplugs for 20+ years. Our market-changing invention, EarPlanes, launched in 1995, has helped millions of airplane passengers avoid and minimize ear pain and discomfort from changes in barometric pressure due to changes in altitude during takeoffs and landings.

Now, Cirrus brings this technology to the headache aisle! With the launch of MigraineX™ Migraine Relief Earplugs, we introduce a product that will reduce the duration, intensity and discomfort of migraine headache symptoms.

Available in One and Two Pair options.

  • Clinically Proven to Reduce Migraine Intensity, Duration and Discomfort
  • Free MigraineX App That Will Forecast Weather Related Migraine Attacks; For More About the App, Click Here.
  • 81% Showed Improvement With Their Migraine and Headache Symptoms
  • Fast & Natural Migraine Relief
  • Drug & Latex Free
  • Reusable.
  • Patent Pending

Our MigraineX Forecasting App is available by clicking here.